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Thread: Bring back the A-Team

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    Default Bring back the A-Team

    Yes bring back the theme tune to the A-Team, Hawaii Five O, Magnum PI and The Rockford Files. What was it about the theme tunes to these TV shows that still makes everyone remember them 25 to 30 years later? They were certainly upbeat, memorable and catchy, perhaps food for thought when it comes to producing music or audio for our own work. Other theme tunes from TV shows on either side of The Atlantic remembered gratefully appreciated.

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    I know why they're so well remembered, because they're constantly being re-played on mediocre Best-of/Bring-back/retro-trend-following TV shows made by unimaginitive producers. Imagine the number of innovative shows that have been overlooked in favour of tripe like "the top 50 crap shows from your childhood"... makes me sick.

    I'm only half joking there.

    *reaches for ultimate TV themes CD*

    what about:
    Cheers, The Bill, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90

    I only know them from re-runs thankfully (except the Bill, which might still be on? and Cheers, in which case, delete thankfully as it's good)
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    Smile Theme music to old TV shows

    There was a whole bunch. Remember the original Danger Man (Patrick McGoohan)?

    The American programmes seemed to pick loud audacious title tunes. Going way back, Dragnet, Perry Mason, Burkeís Law, 77 Sunset Strip. Donít know if these have been recycled lately.

    Itís common to look back with scorn, even though there was some originality to a lot of this old product, and, equally, much of this Ďmoderní TV fare is empty & pithless.

    Why do you ask? Are you compiling some old footage?

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    I used the theme tune to the A-Team in CSIB, from the last competition we had here, at the beginning of the year.

    When I searched for it I was surprised at how many version there were. It seems they must have actually changed it for nearly every series. I'll bet real money though, that we all remember that same version.

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    I have used H5 o a few times. Many of those old tunes were great. Those gerry anderson ones were brill.

    I wonder if all this was because those old tunes were played by real people on real instruments? Or maybe we are just all old farts?

    A personal fav was the prisoner theme.


    Some cool (d loadable) tunes here.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, yes I'm compiling a list of the theme tunes of some of the shows that were 'big' in the seventies and eighties. I don't know if it's the age I am but I'm sure there were plenty from the 1990's aswell but why is it so hard to pick out a few good ones from that decade? I remember Captain Scarlett and what about Joe 90, sitting in his little spinning chair. Was Perry Mason a separate character from Ironside or was Perry Mason 'Ironside'? Who could forget Patrick McGoohan in the Prisoner, did you see the spoof The Simpsons did of it? And last but not least what about(who loves ya baby) Kojak and The Streets of San Francisco, with a very young Michael Douglas and Karl Malden.

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    Meanwhile, back in 2006...

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    Umm....Allo Allo anyone?

    Fab tune..........daa da da daaa, daa da da daaaaa, da daa daaaa da daaaa

    I'll shut up now

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