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Thread: 2 hours long - Problems trying to fit it on a single layer disc...

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    Default 2 hours long - Problems trying to fit it on a single layer disc...

    Can anybody give me a helping hand please. Pretty much everything I've done so far is under 90 minutes long, which Encore seems to be happy with using the Auto transcoding settings.

    I've now got a project which is just slightly under 2 hours (118 mins) and Encore simply comes up with a message saying "May not fit on a DVD" and it's right! Nero won't burn the folder because it won't fit.

    Anybody got any ideas or pointers for me? I'd really grateful! BTW - Encore is Version 1.0....

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    You should be able to get it on a DVD without too much loss of quality,

    I'd have a go with TMPGEnc, use a two pass variable bit-rate setting, It'll take a while but it'll turn out alright I expect. Then you can import the MPEG2's into your Encore project.

    Alternatively for a quick fix, you could run the DVD folders through something like DVD Shrink which will automatically transcode it so it fits on a DVD.
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    OK - After 4 and a half hours, I've now two files - A mpeg Video file and a WAV audio file.

    Looking at the video file using windows media player, the image seems to be very, very blocky when (for example) smoke and light changes appear... I wondered if this is just an artifact of just watching it via windows media player, or will Encore's resulting disc have the same problems... Is there anyway around this? Also - In Encore, how do you link the WAV file to the Mpeg file, or does Encore know what to do automatically?

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    I think the artifacts will be present in the final DVD aswell, they might not be as visible when viewed on a TV though...

    To link the audio to the video in Encore just import both wav and mpeg to your project, then create a new timeline as usual with your MPEG file, then drag your wav asset into the audio layer on the MPEG's timeline. it should match up with no problems, give it a test in encore before burning but it should be fine.
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    Thanks for the quick response - I'll give it a try and see what it looks like I guess (It does look pretty bad to be honest...). I wondered if there was an easier/better way of doing this, maybe setting how it's encoded via Encore direct - but again, I haven't a clue of what settings to use...

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    The only way to do this and keep quality is to use Dolby AC-3 audio compression. With the audio much smaller there is now room for higher bitrate of viedo. That is what the professional packages have but you can find it in some inexpensive progs too. Get a demo of one from u-lead or sonic and try it. Believe me it's the only way to do this.

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