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Thread: Using GraphEdit(DirectX) to apply Filter to DV Capture(HELP)

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    Default Using GraphEdit(DirectX) to apply Filter to DV Capture(HELP)


    we are trying to apply a simple filter to a captured stream using DirectX9 SDK's graphedit

    I added Pinnacle DV Capture under capture devices and then connected the capture pin to my filter, then output to the video renderer.

    However when I press play I get a blank screen, I am thinking this has something to do with the 2 input pins on the Pinnacle DV Capture box (analog video in for example)

    Am I doing something wrong?

    We basically have image processing algorithms we want to integrate into a filter and put it between the capture and the rendered so we can do some sort of real time processing on the captured video

    help anyone??!?

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    I think we solved the problem, the output from the DV Capture Box had to go to a DV Decoder before being passed to the sample filter and then onto the Renderer

    Sorry for the newbie question, hopefully this helps someone out

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