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Thread: I want to edit video, but not record

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    Default I want to edit video, but not record

    I'm interested in learning how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Elements 2, but I don't actually want to film anything (I've got nothing to film). I simply want to learn how to edit movies, and so I was wondering if someone knows where I can get hold of high quality videos which I can use to practice editing? Sites specially aimed at people like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahelg
    I'm interested in learning how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Elements 2, but I don't actually want to film anything (I've got nothing to film)
    Do you mean you have nothing to film with?

    You certainly have much to film, there is a whole world out there and there is plenty happening in it that is worthy of filming.

    There are plenty of videos on the web, but most are highly compressed so editing them and re-encoding will produce poor results. The other thing is that someone else has already done the work, how would you feel if some one re-edited one of your clips.

    There is no replacement for working with raw footage and filming it yourself helps you to understand the whole process better.
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    Ahelg, I thought I was seeing things when I read your post, you have nothing to film? Maybe you did mean you have nothing to film with, but as soon as you get a camera into your hand and start recording shots and putting them together to create a narritive you will certainly change your mind... if you did mean you have nothing to film.

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    I too originally read the original question with some astonishment.

    I'll pass over the "I have nothing to record" (because if you have nothing the shoot then you have nothing to edit, right?) bit and simply assume you are the 'editor' and not the 'camera operator', ok.

    Not sure where you're from but here in the UK there are a couple of monthly magazines for video editting. neither of then really (if I'm honest) get passed the beginners stage even though they claim to but whet both do have in their favour is a cover disk.

    These cover disks usually contain a (small?) selection of stock footage and decent enough resolution. DVME used to actually include untouched 'captures' from the cameras under review that month which would have been ideal for you, but that mag went out of bnusiness.

    Anyway, the point is that cover disks 'usually' include some full res footage to play with. Not much but it might get you started. If nothing else there will be a few animated backgrounds which, although they hardly tell a story, will allow you to press buttons in your NLE.

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    Photography is my main hobby and that's where all my money goes, but I also want to try out a bit of video. Problem is I have no film camera, and no money to pay for it either.

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    While don't you try making a video montage from stills?

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