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Thread: have premiere, but what are all the other programs ?

  1. Default have premiere, but what are all the other programs ?

    hello, im new, im gonna make this short. i paid alot for premiere and i love it. but what are all these other programs you guys talk about? adobe encore,adobe elements,adobe after effects ?

    i want the most out of this movie im making, plan to make green screen effect, all that good stuff. can someone please tell me in detail what all the other programs i mentioned above are ?

    thank you in advance.

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    I can do better than that. I can even tell you about the ones you missed off your list as well, from the Adobe suite.

    Adobe Premiere Pro - Non Linear vcideo editor
    Adobe Premiere Elements - 'Lite' version of Premiere Pro. I'm not sure what's officially not included in this that exists in Pro cos I've never used it.
    Adobe Encore DVD - DVD authoring package. Elements and Pro v2 do include some DVD menu authoring tools but this is 'the daddy' (as far as Adobe are concerend anyways.
    Adobe Audition - Sound editting and mixing.
    Adobe After Effects - Often referred to as a special effects program (and it is) but, more formally, it is a motion graphics and compositing tool.
    Adobe Photoshop - The defacto photo and image editting s/w on this planet.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements - 'Lite' version of the above.
    Adobe Illustrator - Vector graphics drawing tool.
    Adobe Bridge - Asset management (well, sort of) tool for the above.

    Bridge may only come when bought as part of the creative suite or Production Studio.

    Also, and I'm not sure if this is classed as a seperate app or not is the 'link' s/w that comes only with the Production Studio which allows 'linking' (You don't say? - ed!) between the apps. i.e. take you rmenu from Encore and 'send' it to photoshop and they both update at the same time and are kept in sync.

    For 'home' level video editing you will likely get away with just having Premiere (Elements or Pro) but you will find limitations if you want to edit much more than the kids on their bikes or days out.

    If this has confused you and/or you want more info then just ask.

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    thanks for the earley response, i greatly appreciate it.
    i have one more for you, if it wasn't for these forums i wouldn't have known you can do green screen. my question is, can i add a green screen to my car window and make it so clouds are flyin by so it looks like im in a jet ? and what program would help me best do that ?

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    Yes, you can blue and greenscreen virtually anything. You will have to get material in whatever colour you want to use and cut it to size to fit the area you want to put your clouds in. Put it on the outside of the glass so you catch reflections and highlights from whoever or whatever is inside. Then on a good day record some cloud scapes, take them into Premiere and speed them up unless you have access to a timelapse camera. If you have access to any lights you may want to change the lighting inside to react correctly with the way the clouds are changing outside. I don't know where you are but if you are in the Uk, you can purchase a cheap blue screen kit with 2 tripod stands for 36 pounds sterling. The company is called Accord Lighting and they are based in Kent, their website address is, so they might have something.

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    thanks alot, these forums are great. i am coming here with all my questions.
    i live in the us, so dont kno what sterlings are but ill try to find something similar to that kit. thanks again !

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