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    I am looking for a way to capture the desktop activity on my

    I need it for testing user usage of specific software that

    also includes live video. So I need to see mouse movements and

    what's on the screen at the same time. I want to see the video

    played on the software I'm testing but it doesn't have to be

    at full fps.
    I was thinking of just capuring the desktop as a video. I

    tried a few programs like Aviscreen, Turbodemo, ACA Capture

    Pro, but they takes up a lot of cpu and memory, and I need the

    capture not to interfere with the software I'm testing.
    The capture programs are very simple.
    Does anyone know if using a capture card, or a very strong

    graphics card would help?


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    "Wink" is an on screen capture program that is free. It crashed a few times for me though?
    I have used "Screencorder" before and its OK.
    Depends on how commercial you want it. These are just cheap ones that do a job. I used them to create on-screen video tutorials with a voice over.

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    This is what the gamers use. If it's fast enough to catch games it must be good.

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    I tried wink, and it still is slow when I run a video.

    I think most of the programs work the same way.

    what about the hardware side? what do I need in the computer for that kind of software to work? more RAM? a graphics card? capture card?

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    BTW after passing on the suggestion about Fraps from the gamers which just love it I thought I better give it a try. I think it only works if there is a video playing or a game playing. I could not get it to just capture screen activity. Also it slowed down my machine which is not state of the art but fast enough to edit on without problems. I think all screen capture progs will have an impact on speed.

    Years ago I set up my camcorder to capture screen activity. I actually used 2 monitors, one for me and one for the camcorder. This had ZERO impact on the computer speed and worked amazingly well. LCD screen set to 60 fps gave no pulsing or scan lines and I white balanced on a blank screen. Sounds crude but i got exactly what i needed that software could not give me.

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    You used two monitors without any help from softwares?

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    The video card on my computer has 2 monitor outputs. I supose you might measure some small degree of overhead running 2 monitors but compared to any of the screen capture programs it is nothing. Now as I said this was a very crude method but for what I had to accomplish in one night it worked.

    What also might work well is if you have a video card with a composite output or a s-video output is to record that stream on a vcr or digital camera and re-import that into the computer.

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    Great i learn something new thanks. It is difficult to do it? Sounds tedious

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    I usually just film the screen, can work suprisingly well.

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