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Thread: Machinima Video! Any Suggestions?

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    Thumbs up Machinima Video! Any Suggestions?

    Hey everyone, last year I created the second Chapter in my World of Warcraft Machinima series, "Chronicles of a Newbie".

    Well, after much though and delay, I am starting work on Chapter 3. And I want this to one of the best in the series... So, I am coming to you guys for any helpful suggestions you can give me about either the sound... or editing... or music placement ect.

    I would gladly appreciate any tips you pro's could lend me!

    You can view the film here:

    And if its to much of a pain to Download, ill put it streaming. =)
    Thanks agian!
    Your friend DarkNessBear.

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    That was pretty funny. Just the credits at the end is what I didn't like. You should of done a credit roll. I laughed even though I think WOW is quite possibly the worst game ever. I loved Dark Elf's voice.

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    Yea, I got negative comments about my credits ... It was really fun shooting the credits, it was kind of just for me type of thing. I am going to take that out of C3...

    I was thinking of doing something that is alot quicker and more cool. Just having all the C3 characters in the World of Warcraft Model viewer (black background) like fly by, doing different poses with their names going across ect...

    What didnt you like exactly about the credits?

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    They were all over and unorganized. You can make it so you have just your name then all your characters. Cause there is one thing when there are only 2 people working on something. You have their name come up and then it drags on seeing the same name over and over. But dude I love those voices. Especially the little blue gnome and the main character.

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