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Thread: Solution: Sony camcorder, firewire, XP SP2

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    Default Solution: Sony camcorder, firewire, XP SP2

    I have read a lot on this forum about problems with firewire, XP SP2 and Sony camcorders. I too had this frustrating problem, which has now been solved.

    I recently bought an AMD64X2 4000+, 2Gb RAM, dual SATA disks, running Windows XP SP2 to further my video editing hobby. The problem I had was that the capturing software did not recognise the video device. I used the same Sony DCR-TRV830 camera and firewire cable on my old Windows ME PC and this worked well (albeit rather slowly).

    I eventually solved the problem when I exchanged the firewire cards between the two PCs.

    The 5 year old Belkin F5U501 Rev 1.4 firewire card immediately detected the video device and I had no prolem with capturing. The new VIA VT6306 firewire card does not work with either XP or ME.

    Hope this helps someone!

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    had the same problem but was using on board ( ASUS ) motherboard IEE port,

    I bought a PCI Belkin 3 port IEE i-link card and now everything is fine.
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    I still have problems with my firewire cable. lol

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    Default TUL Xpress Mainboard with IEEE 1394 Port

    Usually firewire ports built into motherboards are reliable. They're supposed to have been tested to work with recognised DVcam models. I use a TUL Xpress Mainboard 200 with IEEE 1394 port (x1) and so far have no problem using it with my Sony TRV 520 (Digital 8 camera). I recommend this motherboard to anyone who's building a PC editing system and want a built-in-firewire motherboard.

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    I have spent the last 6mths and a boat load of cash on new pc and different operating systems and private analysis by a computer shop and I never actually sorted out my camcorder connection but I eventually bought a "spare or repair" camcorder off ebay that had faults in other areas that the seller assured me would connect via firewire and playback for capture without any problems and sure enough problem solved and believe me I read forum after forum all pointing to different things but none of which sorted my problem it just makes me wonder how many of these problems are the fire port itself and is inherrent on all makes of cam.The amount of times I heard people blaming drivers and ram and software you wouldn't beleive but all I do now is leave the playback machine plugged in so theres no chance of disturbing the port and damaging anything and all this cost me was 35.00 bargain. After all what have you got to lose its better than spending money on new systems and cards and software just make sure you check with the seller that it already works %100 via firewire before you buy then it should all go well. Good luck and you all have my sympathy cos you just end up going round in circles and start doubting yourself but in my opinion I think the weak link is the firewire port.

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