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    I've ordered my HC3, but there's one problem. There's no mic jack and there only a shoe for video light/mic. Should i get a mic or a videolight first?

    Is it a MUST to buy polarising filters? wide angle lens, etc?

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    I would wait and see how wide the standard lens goes befor buying a convertor.

    I have a 0.5x for my vx9000 and a .45x that distorts madly for my panasonic, and I do often use them. The std lens on the sony dont go very wide so the wa is essential for working indoors and the .45x is good for the skater fisheye effect.

    As for polarising filters, dont use one but I believe they cut down on glare from reflections on sunny days and darken bright skys a bit. perhaps I should try one.

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    hey ive just bough the same camera also.
    Good thing is all the kit from me ole sony fit it also

    Wide angle lens is a must

    I use the 4 channel mic in top and quality is great.

    What are you using to capture ? ontot eh PC ?
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    If there's no mic jack why are you asking should you get a video light or mic first? I wouldn't worry about a video light as they are too low powered and can only light up a few feet in front of them. Get yourself a decent bag, a tape headcleaner and a decent tripod and that will make your shots look much more professional. You may also want to look at getting a tape rewinder to save on wear and tear on your camera. I got one from Hama and it is very good and fast at rewinding tapes.


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