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    I'm running Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 and using it to capture loads of 4 minute home movies, each with a unique name. After each capture, I'm doing a quick edit on the timeline by cutting out black and just tidying up, etc.

    The end plan is to have about 20 of these 4min reels edited, put them into one project then save that project onto DVD with each reel being a separate chapter.

    What I want to know is this: when I tidy up each reel, Adobe will only let me save it as a .prel or project, but I want all of these reels still to be avi files that can be loaded onto a big project later. How can I tidy up each reel and save it as an .avi (basically, I guess I want to modify the originally captured .avi with the unique name I have given it). Has ti something to do with editing in the clip m,onitor and not on the timeline? If so, how do I edit on the clip once I have the in and out points selected as there doesn't appear to be a cutting tool.


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    Red face Tidying files

    Hi Simon,

    It seems to me that your best approach for this is when you capture the footage initally select the option to capture to timeline then if you just need to trim black use the tool on the timeline to trim the ends if you need to take black out the middle i would use the split clip and then trim either side of clip that can be found on the top of the timeline, once you have cleaned the first section simply capture your next section to the timeline and do the same once you have done all your editing go to dvd on the top of the premiere screen and this will allow you to put chapter markers in and set up menu screens.
    Then just export to dvd and hey presto you should have a working dvd (well thats how its meant to work)

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