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    Hi all, Is there anybody out there that could transfer approx 1hr 30 mins of HI8 tape to a format that allows me to import into Adobe Prem Pro. If so how much would this cost.?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Canopus ADVC 300 to be able to the above in the future funds permitting. Would this be an ideal piece of hardware to do the job.?

    Many thanks John
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    I was in the same situation as you a few months ago. I had a lot of video 8 and HI 8 tapes I needed to transfer to computer and then onto DVD. I got two lucky breaks though. Firstly, my computer came fitted with an analogue capture card with both composite and S-video sockets and then I was in a chemists shop one day which also sells cameras. Just as I was leaving, I just happened to look over at one of the shelves and I spotted a Canon V75HI 8. It works great but it did chew up three tapes on me, it doesn't slow down as you reach the start of the tape so it can damage them. I can't think of any companies that do what you are looking for but check the classified ads in the back of recent video magazines as I'm sure you will find at at least one who does. Other than that do a search on Google or some of the other search engines and see if it throws up anything. Before you buy an A to D convertor I'd look at some of the recent posts on this forum as not all of them are in favour of said equipment.

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    I have had an ADVC300 for 3 years and it is the B*ll*cks. Cleans the video as it tranfers and locks the video and audio, so no chance of sync problems, It's a bit pricey if you only have 1 tape to transfer, but it will defo do the best job. Also look at the ADVC110 does the same job but no cleaning, the 110 can also be bus powered from a 6 pin firewire connection.(doesn't come with a power adaptor so 6 pin to 6 pin would be required)

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    I had a simmilar circumstance, i found that if you can get a DV camera with AV throughput, you can do it that way. you plug the AV output from your HI8 machine into the AV output on the DV machine but you have to go into the menu system on the DV machine and tell it to take AV IN iinstead of AV OUT, so you're feeding your HI8 video to your DV cam and through firewire to your pc.



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