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Thread: Problem with Premiere Pro in Matrox RT mode

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    Default Problem with Premiere Pro in Matrox RT mode

    Can anyone help please. I have not been able to edit in Matrox RT mode, ie., with the Matrox RT .X100 Xtreme Pro video editing card. Initially, whenever I double-clicked a clip in Premiere Pro's Project Window, instead of the clip loading into Source Monitor as expected, it would just quench the system abruptly. Then a blue screen appears telling me that a problem had occurred, something like a hardware conflict or a non up-to-date driver, with an apology for the inconvenience and asking me to remove any hardware that I had added. But I never added any new hardware. I only reformatted the hard disk and upgrated to Win2000 Prof. SP4 to WinXP SP2.

    This seemed to be a conflict between Matrox RT .X100 Xtreme Pro and the installed DualHead VGA, Matrox Millennium G550.

    I searched through Matrox support webpages, found some other (perhaps newer) drivers for Millennium G550. I installed one of the drivers. That seemed to have helped as the quenching of the system has stopped. Premiere Pro works well if I am not utilizing the Matrox RT card (that is, if I am using, say, only DV-Pal Standard 48KHz).

    But I still cannot edit with Matrox RT. These are the problems I encounter with the card, once in Matrox RT Mode:

    1. The Monitor Windows in Premiere Pro are unable to display video images well, though the audio plays fine. The images are only displayed as annoying vertical, broken and grainy streaks, appearing in different colors: yellow, green, red, magenta. The monitor windows are frozen and the pictures cannot move even at playback. The picture becomes clear however, if I click directly on it, selecting it. But once I hit spacebar of the L key for playback, or even when on stop and the picture is not selected, it turns into only those weird vertical lines.

    2. The display on the external video monitor (the CRT TV), is just as it is on the Monitor Windows inside of Premiere Pro. I know that this will be OK if problem no. 1 above is corrected.

    3. With the maximized Premiere Pro workspace (i.e., extending the Premiere Pro interface onto the second monitor), the Source Monitor doesn't even show anything at all even when on Stop. It behaves as if the system's memory is extremely low.

    4. None of the Matrox effects are functioning. Drag a ordinary Premiere transition to a video or audio cut, it works. But drag one of Matrox, it doesn't.

    I have reformatted the hard disk a couple of times with both WinXP (SP 1 and SP 2) and Win2000 (SP 4) and I have followed the Matrox RT's manual as best I can, in the reinstallation. But this problem is still there.

    Can anyone help, please? Is there some special configuration that I need to do in order to get Matrox work or some software apart from it's own bundled software? Could it be that the hard disk is weak from the power outages that the system suffered? (We have done a Check Disk to see if the disk has any bad sectors. But the system reported that the hard disk is OK).

    I will deeply appreciate any help.


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    There's a few of us here who have (or have had) this card but I'm not sure any of us will have the expertise in thematter to help diagnose this level of problem. I for one, bought my system fully configured withteh card in and have never had any problems with it regarding compatiobility problems.

    My best suggestion is to get yourself over to the Matrox forums and ask there. They deal with this level of problem all day long every day so will surely be able to help.

    Be warned though, that if you are using kit not on their 'compatible' list they may just decide there is nothign that can be done.

    Do try the card ina different PCI slot though. Surprisingly, this can make a lot of difference. And pop along to the Matrox forums and read up on compatible and recommended configurations.

    I hope you get it sorted soon. It's a great piece of kit.

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    Default Editing with Rtx100

    Yes, check if your PC motherboard is validated by Matrox. You know they outlaw anything that uses Via chipsets?

    Also, have you installed Hotfix 2? This is needed when using XP with SP2. Did you install in the right sequence? The Rtx100 is brilliant when it works properly, but demonic if you hit snags.

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