I have a Dell Dimension brought appx May 2005 which has a NEC DVD +- RW ND3530A. It's a dual layer burner and ive only just got round to burning in dual layer format- tried to burn in DVD - R dual layer (using both Adobe Premier Elements and Nero) and it won't have it. Checked the drive using Nero toolkit and "hey presto" it currently supports DVD +R Dual layer but not DVD -R Dual Layer, so I need to update my firmware.
I thought that this would be routine but after Googling NEC DVD +- RW ND3530A, this doesn't appear to be a walk in the park. My current firmware version is 102B and from what ive read i need to upgrade to version 3.01, not version 3.23 which apparently removes your drive from the BIOS causing hours of tears trying to retrieve it.
I'm practical up to a point but no computer geek and I really don't want to wreck the operating system so;
1) Is a firmawre upgrade a simple task
2) The link below is worth a read as it confirms that i'll get no help from Dell or NEC, plus it drifts into computer speak regarding "flashing" your drive and extracting ".bin file from the .rar using WinRAR, PowerArchiver, etc", whats that all about??


3)Does anybody have a simple step by step guide

Thx Rich