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Thread: 3 Episode Film Contest for Students

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    Default 3 Episode Film Contest for Students

    To all you student film makers out there, here is a contest that
    actually pays. It's called TheProject.TV Student Film Contest and is
    paying out $40K in cash to the winners. The format is a 3 episode
    mini-series of 3 minutes per episode. There are 3 rounds of voting with
    each round eliminating the worst episodes and advancing the best to
    continue in their series. In order to win, you must make it through
    each round of voting and end up with the video acquiring the most
    popular votes.

    $25,000 First Place
    $10,000 Second Place
    $5,000 Third Place

    Sumbission deadline is June 30th. All college and university students
    are eligable to participate. Please register at

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