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    Is there a way to blur out select portions of video (faces, liscence plates, etc) in Adobe Primere Elements 2.0 or do I need to use another software program. I'm on a tight budget and I would like to stick with the tools I have but I am willing to spend some money if necessary.

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    FAQ number 7:

    The generic guide in the FAQ has also been applied to Premiere Elements 2.0 in this thread:
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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    Thanks for the quick response bgarthp.
    The only problem I have with the directions is that it isn't practical to export each frame one at a time. Is there a way to export whole sections of video into a folder frame by frame automatically?

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    The tutorial suggests using one frame as a guide to create the blurred area, once you have one frame imported you can move it, re-size it, and otherwise manipulate it using key-frames to keep it covering the relevant area of video.

    You can export frame by frame if you need to though, although it's much more complicated and time consuming, editing each frame individually is called rotoscoping,

    to export as one big file which you can edit in an image editor and then re-import to Premiere do this:

    file> export> movie> settings> filetype> filmstrip

    to export the frames as a series of images just choose the image type in the settings dialogue box above, you can use JPEG, GIF, TIFF etc.
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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