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Thread: Best format for download?

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    Default Best format for download?

    My site produces regular videos and they need to be of a decent size for downloaders (plus the fact that I have to upload on 56k) and must be in a format which the majority of regular people have.

    Currently I use MPG's which convert about a minute's footage to 5MB, but the quality gets hit badly.

    Can anyone recommend any better formats/softwares to use?

    (I have Arcsoft VideoImpression 1.6, Movie Maker 2 and Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 to use however I can get nearly all softwares)

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    Export as DivX, WMV or Xvid.

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    I've tried WMV through Movie Maker, but fitting the video to the right size makes it no besion MPG, but I'll try the DivX and Xvid ones


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