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    Hi there at the forum. I have a severe problem with a project that I ve done. I rendered a movie including a DVD menu to DVD format. Because I have not very much space on my harddrive I decided to erase all the original files from my harddrive. Now the DVD is ready but I did not pay attention to the "TV save area" with the result that all the menues are cut at the top and the bottom of a normal TV screen. Is there any simple way to scale down the menues, so they are not cropped anymore? How can I do this? I m using a mac ... thanks for the help!

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    I haven't had to re-size a menu before, but I have used a free program called PGCedit to mess around with a finished DVD's structure (I assume this will run on a Mac aswell), the site for it is here:

    You'll need to copy your DVD over to the Hard drive so you have the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders available for PGCedit to access.

    and here's a guide that describes how to edit a menu's buttons, which could probably be applied to editing the whole menu:

    If that doesn't help, you could try searching for a solution.
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