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Thread: Help! Moving large video data

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    Default Help! Moving large video data

    I need a way to get a LOT of footage from our vendor to us other than on tape.

    Here's the scoop - my company had a huge event shot last year on DVCPro with excellent multiple-source sound and everything but the videographers that were hired for the job did a horrible job with the editing that they showed us.

    SO, Once I was promoted it was my job to get the raw footage from their firm over to our firm and edit it, myself, trying to salvage their horiffic screw-up in shooting it wit the wrong resolution, exposure, gain, color, etc. No problem - except I have no tape decks - only my G5.

    They said that the best option that they could give was for us to buy a US$1,000 SATA drive and ship it to them where they would load the footage and then send the drive to us.

    Worked fine on the first Mac we loaded it onto but then I upgraded to the new Intel-chipped 4-CPU G5 and we had to buy whole new hardware to make the SATA drive interface with the new system. In the process of mounting the new drive, my IT department erased all of the footage on the drive.

    There has got to be a better way of doing this.


    Joe Rawlins

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    I know you said no tapes, but I'd suggest using tapes (even if you have to play it to tape, then re-capture at your end), how come you can't do it like that?

    Or why not get an external drive? (with firewire support) surely much much easier.
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