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    hello every one. well i was just wonder what to do with my video , i recorded my bro doing a marathon and i am just editing it up in a techno style way. but i dont really no what to do. i just need some ideas so if you got any that would be great. see the only effect i know is to make it so when hes running normaly i then reverse time then put it back to normaly. hopefully you guys know what i mean. so realy what i want to know is what kinds of things can i do in a techno way lol. thank you in advance. i am useing premier pro 1.5
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    what program are you using? May I suggest that you download after effects 7. This has many pre set effects. Also look at the trapcode "Star" and "shine" effects. If you are using Ppro 1.5 then maybe use the goust effect. Thats all i can think off the top of my head. Sorry.If you want to send me a few stills via e-mail I will make some jazzy starting for you.
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