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    Hey guys,

    this is what I'm trying to do; I'd like to be able to insert multiple clips into a music video, so when the clip I insert plays the volume of the music video goes down (but you can still hear the music faintly) and than when the clip has finished you see the music video again and the volume of the music video goes back up. So in essence I'd like to use the music video as my background video, how do I do this? Is there another software that can do this?


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    If I understand you correctly, then it sounds like you basically need to make 2 or more video tracks. Put your music video on track 1, so it will act as the background, then put any other clips on tracks 2,3,4 etc so they are basically on top of the music track. Then you can adjust the size of each clip as you want them, and adjust the audio levels too. If you dont know how to do that, let us know.

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    As Murph says and then use the volume keyframes in the effects tab or enable the rubber bands in the audio track on the timeline.

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