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Thread: Need help setting up Hard Drives

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    Default Need help setting up Hard Drives

    Hi, I do simple video editing - not a pro - projects are usaully 30 - 45 minutes long. I just bought another hard drive and will be getting it shortly. I need to know the best way to set up my three drives for video editing and rendering.

    I am using Sony Vegas and DVD Architect, have 2 gig memory, a 3.2 Pentium, and an MSI 875P board (SATA 150 connections). I use outside storage for archiving. My three drives:

    WD 250g SATA 16mb cache (new)
    WD 160g SATA 8mb cache (current Master w/ OS installed two partions)
    WD 120g IDE 8mb cache (current Slave where finalized projects are sent to)

    Should I put my OS and editing software on the faster 250g with more cache? Which drive should I capture to? Which drive should I send final projects to? Where should my Sony temp files be located? Should I even use the IDE drive when editing?

    Sorry for all the questions, but any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.

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    I think I got it. XP and editing software on the faster drive (250g) - all video files including Captures on 2nd drive (160g). The non SATA drive not to be used for editing just storage. Shame that the larger drive is the faster drive!

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    The general rule for video setup is windows and apps on the smallest drive, channel 1 master, Video capture and project files on largest drive channel 2 master, and export drive channel 1 slave.

    Whether sata or ide windows and video drives should be drive 1 on seperate channels.
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