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Thread: cant trim divx without poor quality

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    Default cant trim divx without poor quality

    Hi All
    Im pretty new at all this stuff so d appreciate the help.
    Got some DIVX files i want to trim down before encoding to DVD. I have tried many programmes but i either get some kind of colour breakdown [purple lines] when using DIVX codecs or the sound is completely lost or video missing when i use SVCD or others.
    I must have tried every trial programme on the market. The solveigmm works a treat but i get these purple lines.
    Anyone any thought on how to get rid of them
    Thanks in advance

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    Divx and other formats like it are meant only as end of process formats. Meaning they are only for viewing and not editing since most of the real video is not there. Most frames you see are made up by the playback software or hardware. You will never get the original quality out of them. You should however get something a little better than what you apper to be getting. Somehow there should be a solution but it will never have the quality of what you are looking at now.

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