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Thread: Just don't know what to do!! Help!!

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    Default Just don't know what to do!! Help!!

    Hi all, this is my first post as i'm very new to the complex world of dugutal video, and would really appreciate some help with my set-up.
    I have a Panasonic NV-DS27 and want to be able to transfer my recorded material from my camcorder to my PC and edit it, but i have no idea which kind of lead or editing software i require.
    My Panasonic has the following outputs on it; "D.Still Picture", "AV OUT PHONES", "MIC", "EDIT", "S-VIDEO OUT" and "DV."
    I'm a musician, and would love to be able to record and document gigs/individual songs etc, then put them on my MySpace page and our bands website page. Any help as to how to use this would great, Cheers all.

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    get a firewire cable, this will transfer through the DV output on your camera, you may have to buy a firewire card for your PC if you don't have one, they are cheap and often come bundled with the cable you need.

    Once you have that you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture and edit, or you could try a more advanced program like Premiere Elements, which would allow you to use more than one video and audio track, so you could mix more easily between different angles and audio tracks.

    You'll then need to encode them for the web, Windows Movie Maker has lots of options that can do this very easily once you've edited the video.
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