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    Default problems sending video message

    i bought a creative cam and i made a little video message for a friend thatis baout a minute and 20 sec long. i have imported it into about 7 different files to try to send it to my friend. i try to send it by my yahoo browser it will not upload... says virtual memory not big enough or something like that. everytime i try to send it via outlook express it cannot compress it and therefore does not get sent. i have tried everything i know to do. the picture is beautiful clear and everything it just will not send. i thought that maybe if i converted it from avi to jpg it would send it. is there a way to do that and if i did would it still be a video. this is my first attempt at this so the questions may seem silly to someone who has been doing this awhile.

    please, oh please if anyone can help me i would be so grateful.. thanks, tracy

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    It sounds like the file size is too large to send easily,

    What size is the file that you recorded?
    right click>properties will show you the file-size.

    If I were you I'd try to open it in Windows Movie Maker, if it imports into there OK, drag it to the timeline and then under Finish Movie click save to my computer, and try the "best fit to filesize" at about 8 MB, that should be fine for e-mail.
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    Default bgarthp

    thank you for your response. this is the info i got from it:

    width 320 pixels

    height 240 pixels

    duration 1:40

    frame rate 30 frames/second

    video sample size 24 bit

    video compression uncompressed..

    i will do as you suggested and report back with what i find.. thank you so very much!


    ok, i was able to get it into movie maker and was able to do the timeline. i saved it to my computer in my shared video folder.. my only problem now is doing the best fit to file size. i have looked all over and do not know how to do that. there is no link. could you please help me with that? yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, i am so excited i have been trying to do this for over a week now. thak you so much!!!!!!! tracy
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    I was looking at my version of Movie Maker, I think it could be the old version,

    After clicking on the save to my computer button I had the screen that's shown in the screen grab I attached below.

    It has a few radio buttons, the middle one is "Best fit to File Size" then it lets you select what size you require.

    If that screen doesn't come up there'll be another way of doing it, there should be an equivalent option for you after you click save to my computer, you could try the "send in an e-mail" option if that's available to you,

    If you have a look at your file now and it's a smaller file there should be a better chance of being able to send it, so you could try again with your new file.
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