When i first used the program I was able to save videos how i wanted to untill the next day after i'd installed it, it crashed on me and locked up, i had to do a cold restart on the computer and ever since then, anytime i import videos to be edited, there is no sound in the timeline.

I can get sound if I use the DV-NTSC or DV-PAL settings it has on default but the movies come out looking small inside a 720x480 frame and I dont want that I want it "320 by 240". So i go into custom settings and change the 'editing mode' to "video for windows" because DVDplayback" does not allow you to change the frame size. But no matter what audio setting I choose, once I use those settings and import the video file i want, once I drag it into the timeline it does not show any sound in the time line, there is a green box disaplyed showing where it is supposed to be, but its blank with no audio wave lines in it.

I've gone through all the pre settings of Project Settings>General I can think of to do. But nothing seems to ever allow me to keep the sound of the files when I want to use those frames. It did when I first used the program, the videos exported great. But ever since it crashed, somethings not right.

I've tried to re-install it and repair it, but nothing worked. I dont think it has anything to do with the export settings, i've tried them all, but it's all the same when I use the preview monitor in the program before exporting it, it does the same thing. The sound plays if i double click the file to hear the original on the left side, but in the main window of the whole project, there is no sound.

I'm ready to give up and just throw the program away, unless someone can tell me whats wrong with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you know of any other sites that could help me, please let me know.