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Thread: Premiere 6.5 and Jpgs- Please help!!

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    Default Premiere 6.5 and Jpgs- Please help!!

    Okay, here's my problem- I'm doing a project with both video and stills (JPGs), and all of my jpgs have just turned to black on the timeline. The superimposed titles are still there, as are the video clips. Here's the weird part- the stills show as black upon playback, but if I double click on them in the timeline or in the bin, they open just fine. They absolutely refuse to play back on the timeline, though. When I clear a still clip from the timeline and drag it back down from the bin- black video...
    Any thoughts, has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for your help!

    FWIW, Premiere 6.5 with a Matrox card

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    According to something I read in one of the help forums, Premiere 6 and 6.5 does not like jpegs and you are better off using bitmaps or targa or tiffs or photoshop files, or something uncompressed. You should also bring it in exactly the size of video frame. In U.S. that is 720 by 480. I have used jpegs with some luck but they are totally unpredictable. If you HAVE to use jpegs, make sure they are the exact size of video frame, and raise the black level on them in photoshop before you bring them in. The black level thing is something I found out on my own and it has helped a lot.
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    In addition to my previous post. In Prremiere 6 and 6.5 it does no good to bring in a still any bigger than video frame size and resolution. The first thing Premiere does is to convet it down to work with it, so bringing in a higher rez image will get you nothing but overworking the software as it crunches it down. so 720 x 480 at 72 dpi is all you need.

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    Evereddie, thanks for the help. Here's what I found as a fix:
    For whatever reason, if I took an effect and dropped it on the missing Jpg clip, it magically reappeared during playback on the timeline and everything seems okay. Why? I have no clue... But hey- It works, so I'm not going to question it.
    Hope this might help out someone down the road.

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