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Thread: New Basic User to Premiere....

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    Default New Basic User to Premiere....

    I asked previously how to add an Mtv logo to my video..... I had no idea what Marc was saying as it was all in Premiere-ish and i am on a basic level.... Anyway, here is what i need:

    Dummies Guide on Adding a Logo to a film

    I have no idea how to make it transparent and all that, so i need to be treated as someone who knows f$*k all on Premiere...

    Thanks.... (i pray)

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    OK, try this.

    Open up your favourite drawing program (I imagine this will typically be Photoshop or PSP). Start a new image, the same size (pixel wise) as your video composition. make sure the image starts with a transparent background. This is usually indicated by the fact that the drawing canvas is a cross-hatch of little grey and white squares.

    This picture will be overlayed over your video. Draw on your MTV (type) logo in the corner you want it.

    Import into Premiere and place on layer 2 so that it appears over the top of your video. The areas witht he logo on will display and the 'transparent' areas of your graphic will allow te video of layer 1 to show through.

    haven't actually done this myself and don't have the s/w in front of me so nto sure what the best type of graphics format to use is. Probably best not to use JPG though. not only is it a 'lossy' format but I don;t think it preserves transparency either. If you've got all Adobe s/w I'd stick with a PSD, layered, format.

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    Export your logo image(s) as TGA images as these support alpha (transparency) channels and can be imported into Premier.
    In premier position the TGA (or tga sequence) above your background footage in the time-line.
    Select alpha channel in the transparency settings for the TGA.
    Scale and position your logo using the clip's motion effect.

    If I went too fast try reading the manual.


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    What's a 'manual'?

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    Just another way that will also looks great.
    I take it you have the logo ready ok. if so goto file,new,new title.
    Premiere 6.5 has one build in go to file inport find logo, then inport,
    drag logo to top right there you go.
    this will leave background with out messing around.

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