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    Default WTF?! No scroll

    Once in a while that bar will come up and I have no idea of how to get rid of it. I've tried restarting elements 20+ times and restarted the computer 5+ times, still no dice. Can anyone help out because no matter what it won't let me scroll my effects and in my case right now I seriously need them. I know I could just extend the bar but it only goes down so far...

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not familiar with theElements user interface. It look different to my copy of PPro. But it looks to me, because the drag-bar has appeared thatt here is possibly more to be displayed in that window. There's also a 'more' button above it making me wonder if there is another tab in the window that can be displayed.

    What happens when you move the drag-bar ? Does anything else appear? Have you tried dragging and docking the 'Effects' tab inside anothert window to see what happens. if it works then dock it back out on it;s own again and see if it clears things up at all. Just guessing here.

    Also, as an aside, you will be better off not working on your C drive for video. Do you have another hard drive connected. I would recommend you start any new projects on a seperate drive, away from the drive where your s/w is installed. It will pay dividends in the long run.

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