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Thread: Help..need Help Immediatly.

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    Default Help..need Help Immediatly.

    I recorded a video for a project for college, and it's due tommarow at 12. I recorded the video on my digital camera, and I NEED HELP getting it somehow to play onto a TV.

    Is it possible to copy it onto a CD and play it onto a DVD player?


    thank you

  2. Default Double posting will get you no help.

    Double posting will get you no help.

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    This isn't a snap your fingers sort of thing and I doubt that you will get anything done by tommarrow unless you have done this before and have the gear. Need serious specs on what you do have to attempt to help u. Specs like: does your camrea have firewire out, does your computer have firewire in. If not do you have a capture card. Do yo really mean you captured video on a digital camera or was it really a camcorder.

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    yeah, i was looking for a solution and needed answers kinda quickly too about a week ago.. you can find it down a little bit, you'll know it because it's the one with 0 replies.


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