Hi all. I've been doing some research on which components to put into my next workstation. There are a few things I am still unsure of and was hoping I could get some input on here.

-Avid Express Pro
-AMD Athlon 64 X2. or maybe something different when their socket M2 comes out.
-ASUS motherboard. Either SLI or Crossfire ready, still not sure.
-WD 160 GB System drive SATA 7200RPM
-WD 160 GB x2 Video drives SATA 7200RPM RADI0
-WD Raptor 74GB x2 Video drives SATA 10,000 RPM RAID0. Are the Raptors necessary for HDV footage or will 7,200RPM be adequate?
-2GB DDR 400
-DVD burner
-Nvidia Quadro or ATI FireGL graphics card. Not sure which one. Can the FireGL cards be used in crossfire mode? Does Avid currently make use of the other video card in a SLI or Crossfire enabled system?
-Win XP Pro or x64 Pro

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.Thanks!