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    I just shot a film that runs under one minute for a film festival. I just read that I need to change the format of the film. It needs to be smaller than 400x300 and needs to be less than 5 mb. Well, I shrunk it down (using After Effects) and it was still 313 MB when in AVI format. The contest allows .WMV .MOV .MPG and .AVI. I tried .MOV and it still came out at 270 MB.

    I figured I would try to do it in .WMV format, which I know Premiere (I use 6.0) allows, but I can not figure out how to put it into .WMV. I just can't find the .WMV option anywhere in the rendering options.

    First, where is it and how do I render in .WMV.

    Second, I heard that .WMV in Premiere does not look real good. Is there a way to render in .AVI or .MOV in either Premiere or After Effects 5.0 that would get it under 5 MB and still look decent?


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    To export from premiere 6.0 go to File>Export Timeline>"Advanced Windows Media" or "Save for Web" - then you can save as quicktime or wmv, but as it's an old version the codecs are old aswell, so it might be better to do it in another ap as described below.

    If that's not there then you'll have to try something else.

    However I think your best bet is to use another application to encode for you. As Premiere isn't that great at it anyway.

    export the completed video from Premiere as DV AVI,

    Then you could use Windows Movie Maker, or Windows Media Encoder to encode to wmv, it'll do a better job than Premiere 6.0, in movie maker, just import your edited video and export for web, set the file size and dimensions you want and it'll do it for you.

    You could always download VirtualDub (free from here: and encode it in an MPEG4 codec like Divx or Xvid, but that'll be a bit more technical.

    Best of luck.
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    just save it through premiere through windows media. don't use export for web as it is shocking. use the option above for windows media, it has always worked well for me.

    if in doubt, get hold of quicktime pro and export using the sorenson codec for the best quality to file size ratio.

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    thanks for the advice. I'll give both a try and see which looks better


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