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Thread: Problems with uploading videos 2 pc

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    Default Problems with uploading videos 2 pc

    I own asony DCR-DVD203E which records 2 DVD, and a DCR-PC1000E which records 2 DV tapes,

    i have had problems for ages and i have never been able 2 find a solution to why i cannot upload the videos into my PC, the software that came with the cameras do not actually let you do anything to the images they merly tell u that there are videos on the tapes/dvd's , but wont let me do anything 2 put them onto the hard drive, Sony wont reply to my emails so i was wondering what help this forum could do to help me, i have adobe premier Pro 7 and i have ordered Sony vegas,
    please any help would b greatly appreciated, i have read this website and not found anything on the main site,

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    how do you connect the cameras to your PC?

    The mini-DV DCR PC1000E should be connected with a firewire cable (also called i-link by Sony), you might need to get a firewire card for your PC, once you connect it you can capture with any video editing app'.

    With the DVD, just put the recorded DVD-r from the camera in your DVD-rom drive and copy the footage across. You might have difficulties editing the Vob files from the DVD, but there's hundreds of posts on that subject already.
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    thats the thing there is no information on the DVD, although when i put it back into the video camera it says there is, i have finalised the disk and i have used video not VR and still same problem, as for using a firewire my camcorder did not come with one, it came with usb, does this mean i have 2 go out and buy one?

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    Yes, for some reason camera manufacturers bundle the relatively useless USB cable rather than the firewire one, You'll need to buy one, if your PC doesn't have a firwire input then buy a firewire card with a cable included, otherwise just buy a cable. they're about 6 or something.

    I'm not sure about the DVD problem, the first thing that I'd do is make sure you have the latest firmware for the DVD rom drive, if it's an old one it might not recognise the smaller format DVD-r's, see if that helps.
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    Yes, you should go and buy a firewire cable and forget about USB. Firewire is the de facto cable for transferring video footage from MiniDV cameras to computer. It's difficult to figure out why your computer doesn't see the files on the DVD as usally when you have finalised the disc the computer should be able to see and read them. When you are in My Computer and the icon for your CD/DVD drive is visible and you double click on it, can you not see the files on the disk?

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    Woo hoo, 400 posts, I'm away to the pub to celebrate.

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    Thanks i will go out and buy that cable,
    also gratz on 400 posts,

    and no i cannot see the file when i open the dvd drive,
    if i dont finalize the disk it wont let me open it, it says "please insert disk" then when i insert a finalized disk it merely has nothing in it. also i have the lastest drivers for the dvd drive, i already thought of that.

    thanks for you help so far

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