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Thread: rendering to mpeg-2

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    Default rendering to mpeg-2

    guys, Im trying to render my vegas project to mpeg-2 and it looks alot poorer quality than when I used Pinnacle Studio!

    Anyone willing to share their settings for rendering to mpeg-2 so that I can have best quality?

    When I used Pinnacle i could fill a DVD (4.7Gb) with an hours footage. When I render this project (45 mins) it is only around 1.4Gb.

    I assume I have to up my settings somewhat?

    Thanks in advance
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    There are several templates to use in the drop-box when rendering to any format in Vegas. You can also tinker in the Custom button if you want to play around in more detail. I usually use DVD Architect compatible video stream, render the audio as separate AC3 and then marry them together in DVDA

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