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Thread: Sound Problems Driving Me Bonkers

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    Hello All,

    I am after some help with regards to Audio on my computer. My Video Editing software (Sony Vegas 6 trial) will not play any audio for me after capturing it, neither will a trial version of Edit Studio 5 . The Video plays fine but no sound. Captured out of my Panasonic GS250. All other audio files play on my computer even the one's captured in Vegas play on Windows Media Player etc. The funny thing is that I downloaded a trial version of Premiere Pro 1.5 and when capturing it with that, all is well, plenty of audio. Have I managed to hit a wrong button on Vegas/ Edit Studio 5 or is it something more sinister.

    Please help I am going grey at a rate of knots.

    The Bartman

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    Can you 'see' the audio in the edit window ?

    Probably a setting somewhere. Look in options - preferences - audio device and change some stuff maybe.

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