hi guys,

you may have noticed my threads in the past and my questions regarding which new camcorder to go for.

Although I do this just as a money making hobby I wanted to invest in a new camcorder as my DCR-TR7000 (digital is getting a little on the old side.

I had kind of being put off going down the route of HD and had almost settled on buying a VX2100.

I began thinking again.

If I was to purchase a VX2100 now it would probably do me for around 4 years until HDV took off. After that I could upgrade to a HDV camcorder.

My latest theory is this, would it not be best going for a cheaper HDV camcorder now i.e. the HC-1 and in a few yrs time if the need arises then I can buy a better HDV camcorder. Another benefit then would be that my HC-1 can become my backup camera and is still capable of shooting HDV hence I am sorted!

Does this make much sense?

Basically I think I should take a smaller step now to a low-end HDV machine and spend less money than if I was to take a bigger step to a prosumer camera such as the VX2100 only for it to be useless in 3 yrs time and it wont sell well then either when everyone is migrating to HDV?

Please please give your opinions.. Im stuck between two roads here and I dont know where to go!!

Thanks Jonny