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Thread: Help! How do i do this?

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    Default Help! How do i do this?

    Hello, I just bought adobe premiere pro.
    Check this movie (I found it on the net) :

    When they "shoot" each other whit their hands and it comes a "flame" out of the gun. I hope you understand hat I mean.

    I know that they did a picture in Adobe Photoshop and added it in the right place in the right time.

    My question is: How do I do that?

    Sorry for my bad english. Im swedish.

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    This is easy enough.

    All you need do is create an image of your require muzzle flash but make sure you do it with a transparent background. Save it as a PSD file (say).

    import into Premiere Pro.

    Drag and drop it on to a layer above your clip with someone shooting in it.

    Just resize and rotate to the place you want it.


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