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    Hi all, I have a problem and need help please. I have 20 genuine "live in concert" DVD's. I want to make 20 compilation DVD's out of them. I have tried recording them straight into my laptop but they record in blocks rather than tracks. First block is maybe two and a half tracks and the second carries on from there. Can I use windows movie maker to do what I want? Which soft/hard ware would I need? I realise that its illegal, but in my opinion I have already paid for the copywrite and they are only for my use.
    Any help will be appreciated. Please remember that I am a complete virgin to this. Please use normal English!
    Many thanks, Paul.

    Sorry, forgot to mention. I only have a laptop.
    Okay, I have found out that I can buy a PCMCIA firewire card. That should allow me to capture video. Can I capture direct from a DVD player? Which leads would I need? Would the copy protection cause me a problem?
    Once again, thanks, Paul

    I've done some more searching and may have the answer. Would a
    "Lifeview FlyDVB T Duo Cardbus Digital TV Laptop PCMCIA" do the trick?
    Is this product firewire?
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    I'd hazard a guess here that this is a hell of a project for a virgin to take on...

    Others may stop by and correct me, but...

    * You can insert each DVD into your laptop (I assume it has a DVD drive?)
    * You then need to rip each DVD to your hard drive (something like CloneDVD or DVD Shrink - I can't remember which of those, if either, can defeat copy protection - which would certainly be an issue).
    * You then need to find a way of converting all the DVD (e.g. .vob files) to an 'editable' format such as .avi or .mpg. If you're using Windows Movie Maker, I think it'll have to be .avi. There are plenty of utilities out there - just do a Google search - but few of them are, IIRC, freeware - it'll probably cost you about $25.
    * You then need to edit the resulting file into the length you want.
    * Repeat the above for every DVD.
    * Now, you have twenty edited files, probably all in .avi format.
    * At this stage, what I would probably do would be to gather together all those .avi files into a single project, separating each one with a chapter marker.
    * Then, I'd find myself a DVD authoring program (WMM won't do this for you - but again, there are plenty of DVD authoring programs out there that are a whole lot cheaper than Adobe Encore...) and author a DVD with a menu/buttons that would allow you to select each individual track, or play them beginning to end.
    * Then I'd burn the DVD.

    Given the process I've outlined above, you need neither firewire nor fancy hardware.

    I may have misunderstood the requirement, and others may be able to think of a quicker/easier way of doing what you're after (I have a talent for making simple/quick jobs into difficult/long jobs) - but, like I said, from my perspective, if you've never done even any basic video editing before, this would be a hell of a baptism by fire... Good luck!
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