A video shoot at a famous castle in southern Germany didn't quite go as we planned last Sunday. Instead of filming at 24 fps (F5) my DVX100 camera was inadvertently set to 30 fps (F4), and I didn't discover the error until later. In addition, the flowers were not yet in bloom because of the late Spring this year, so the whole thing will need to be done over at a later date.

So how does one turn this lemon into lemonade? Well, we just horsed around with the cameras and had some fun and, back home in the editing room, we mixed some of the better footage with a few 'out-takes' and shots from my wife's JVC. We ended up with a short (2:09) fun little romantic and nostalgic music video. You can view a DivX presentation at: http://www.christiangeology.com/video/linderhof.html or an mpg upload at: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2726169

This is just a nice little piece of Eye Candy, and won't win any Academy Awards, but enjoy it!