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Thread: Importing Photos in Adobe Premiere Pro?

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    Default Importing Photos in Adobe Premiere Pro?

    I just installed Adobe Premiere Pro and tried to import photos. While I was able to do this, the photos do not match up with the screen size (a photo of a person only shows their face - the photo is zoomed in too much). Can you resize the photo in Premiere Pro or do I have to resize it in Photoshop, save it, then re-import it? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For simplicity, just slide the ‘scale’ index number in the effects box so your photo is within the frame.
    The height & width are linked by default, so the picture changes in proportion.

    You could resize a whole batch of pictures, but it’s just as quick to use scale.

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    Default Thank you

    Unfortunately I do not have my laptop in front of me (at work), but one final question? How do I access the "effects" window on the program? What you stated seems quite logical, and I was hoping to not have to "resize" every photo in Photoshop. I just need to know how to get to the "effects" window. Thanks again.

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    I prefer to use dual view, but some people use a single window.

    If you’re using single view, click window > effect controls, twirl down the little triangle for ‘Motion’, and there you have Position, scale, rotation etc.

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    Default Dual View

    I also prefrer dual view, so what would the steps be to resize the photo here? Also, would I use the view on the left or the right (I assume it owuld be the view on the left for editing).

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    Yes, the left window is for previewing. The right window is your movie so far.

    You’ll see the effects ‘tab’ at the top of the preview window, if not, click Window > workspace > editing, and it’ll become ‘tabbed’.

    Now, whenever you drag an effect to a selected clip in the timeline, the preview window should automatically switch to the effect controls.

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    I’ve never attached images before, so hope this works.

    The first pic shows normal editing – second pic is the clip selected, and a brightness/contrast effect added. Click on the ‘effects’ tab at the top of the edit window to open it.
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    Default photo resize

    If you rescale one photo you can highlight MOTION in the effects palette and click copy from the file menu. Select all the remaining photos and click paste (use this to copy any effect to several clips). The scale will be applied to all the photos.
    Many Thanks

    Johnny H

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    Or right-click one pic, choose copy, then ‘past attributes’ to all others on the timeline. This assumes you want all photos exactly the same size, in the same place.

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