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    Okay, I am using video clips that I made with my HP digital camera. Their frame rate is 19,62 frames/second, data rate is 236kbps, video sample size 24 bit, Video compression is Software(WhitePine) M-JPEG, 320x240. When i export it, only black screen appears and with different codecs there is sometimes sound. I've tried different bitrates - 15, 24, 25, 30, different compressors but nothing - only black screen. There is no such option in AP6.5 as 19 fps. Please tell me how to fix this problem, PLEASE, there has to be a solution, it's urgent, WHAT to do!? THANX

    P.S. How to export at the same rate, I think the problem is that I am exporting at 24 fps, but there is no other choice. What codec to use?

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    The camera you are using will probably have the codec you need, bundled in the software that came with it, and possibly a program to edit it with.

    Premiere does not see all video even if the codec is installed, have you tried to open it in Movie maker and convert to .wmv?

    Try here
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