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    Question HELP! DVD Burning Problems

    Please bear with me, I'm new here and not very technical. I'm trying to convert my home movies to DVD. My problem is that the finished article looks really grainy and poor quality. My camera is 'Sony Handycam DCR-HC20E'. I'm quite happy with it and the picture plays back well irect from tape onto TV. To transfer my tapes to my PC, I am using a firewire cable. I am capturing and editing my movie with either 'movie maker' or my DVD burning software which is called 'My DVD Studio 6.1'. The picture looks fine when I view it on my PC. I am burning onto TDK DVD-R discs (which the Sony shop advised me to buy). However when I play back the DVD on a DVD player (and I've tried on a few diferent ones), the picture is nowhere near as good quality as it is on the tape and on the PC. It's grainy and bit fuzzy. I really don't know where I am going wrong and I don't know who to ask, so I really need some help from you guys. The only other information I can think might be relevant is, I have tried capturing the video on high quality and burning using the high quality option aswell as using the standard options. It doesn't make any real difference to the outcome. PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you.

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    Sounds like compression problems, first off, how much footage are you trying to fit onto one DVD disk? and what setting are you using when you first encode and secondly prepare the footage for burning to DVD?

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