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Thread: Help Needed Project Due Tomorrow!

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    Exclamation Help Needed Project Due Tomorrow!

    OK! I am fairly new to Adobe Premiere and I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro...

    I am doing a project on Stalingrad and D-Day in WWII, All my stalingrad clips are smooth as silk when rendered, but even when I render the D-Day clips THEY ARE JUMPY and GLitchy all over the place... DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION?!!??!?!?


    Can I make a DVD MENU in Adobe Premiere Pro!??!!??!?!?! IF so, PLEASE TELL ME HOW, I learn very quickly, but I am in the crunch right now, and I cannot figure these problems out... PLEASE HELP.

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    bump, please help!

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    OK. i can't help you with the jerky problem although try pressing the enter key. DVD menus.....You really need a DVD authoring program like encore but If you want to write straight to dic without DVd menus you can do that with premier. If you need some one to do DVD menus please send me a e-mail....address can be found on my website. please contact before 11 or I wont be able to do it.

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