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Thread: Some AVI's go Black

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    Default Some AVI's go Black

    I have PremierPro7 - In my current project, some avi's work perfect. Others (captured using CamtasiaStudio screen capture from a PowerPoint show) look fine and in color when viewed in the mini Project box (and look fine when viewed by other programs). But when dragged to the Timeline, all the color is blacked out, even after rendering. Text still shows, and sound works. Thoughts?

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    Premiere tends to have problems with heavily compressed file formats. When working with any video where I get a blank screen in Premiere, I simply convert the video to DV-AVi first in another app, then import the converted video. Works 100% of the time, but requires a lot of hard drive space

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    Thanks! What would you recomend for a good AVI to DV-AVI converter?

    Also, do you have any recomendations for a "downsizing" converter? ie, when I do a screen capture at 800 x 600 pixels (my closest option on Windows XP), is there a separate converter to downsize the AVI to NTSC 720 x 480?

    Thanks again!

    ps - I have some Adobe Encore AVI issues as well, but will save those for another time...

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    VirtualDub will do the trick.

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