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Thread: vegas 6 help plse

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    Red face vegas 6 help plse

    does anyone know where i could download some kind of user guide for this as I'm finding it hard to use.

    I've got the 30 day trial so would appreciate an quick response.


    Oops Mustava!

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    Let me know if this helps you out:

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    With Most applications the help files that come with them are not very useful but i have found Vegas' Help files actually to be a very very good and simple resource!

    Have a good rummage and you will be able to find what u need.

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    Or you can download the PDF manual.

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    Muschas appreciated guys 4 the replys.
    Been in Spain 4 a week, but checking out the suggestions.

    Many thanx

    Oops Mustsva!

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    yea sony's help files are very useful...very strange lol
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