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Thread: AVI picture grainy/jumpy.

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    Default AVI picture grainy/jumpy.

    Hi there,

    I have an AVI movie file saved on my hardrive which I captured from my Canon MiniDV camcorder using NeroVision4. If I playback the recording on my PC using NeroShowtime or Windows Movie Maker, the quality is excellent. However, if I attempt to add the file to Nero's 'Storyboard' or Windows Movie Maker's 'TimeLine' for editing, the quality of the picture deteriorates. Grainy, jumpy, pixelated. I continued to burn the file to CD to see if the quality improved to it's original excellent state, but the result remains poor quality.

    I have downloaded the latest XP Codec pack, defragged my hardrive but to no avail.

    All help greatfully appreciated.

    Paul (video editing newbie)

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    Hi Paul

    I haven't used that Nero software you mention, so I don't know what settings it uses to capture from your camera. You might need to check the settings as they seem to be different to your other software and that might be the reason why it plays back fine on one piece of software and not on another. What spec is your computer? Is it a laptop or desktop PC? And did you use the firewire connection to transfer from camera to computer?

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    Thanks for replying.


    Yes, used firewire for connection.

    The actual AVI capture when saved to the hardrive is superb, even at full screen. It's when it's being edited I start to hit the problem. I use Nero, and choose the option of creating a VCD. It seems that when the film clip is panning across screen, it looks jittery rather than smooth. Have since found out it may be a compression/codec thing, but am a novice so I am still investigating.


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    Hi Paul

    Yes, VCD quality is regarded as worse than VHS but then again what looks reasonable to one person might look terrible to someone else. Can that Nero software output to DVD, what with discs being so inexpensive now, it's doesn't seem worthwhile using VCD if you are looking to get good quality. I would definitely change the settings over to DVD output if that option is available and forget about the very low quality of VCD.

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