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Thread: re-editing a dvd: avoiding over compression problems?

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    Default re-editing a dvd: avoiding over compression problems?

    My son has an extremely important documentary he did in Sony Vegas that he now needs to re-edit. Unfortunately, he no longer has the original project files (long story...). All he now has is a dvd, which plays fine and looks fine but needs to be re-edited.

    He has tried to rip the dvd, edit the ripped file in a variety of ways and then reburn, and each time he ends up with an unusable product (video too degraded, audio clipping or dropping out, etc.).

    What's the best workflow he can use if he is starting from a working dvd and wants to edit and reburn it with minimal loss? Is there a way for him to just re-edit parts and drop the re-edited pieces in while avoiding re-renedering the whole thing? Is there some way to rip the dvd in non-compressed form, work solely in non-compressed form and then re-burn with minimal loss? Some totally other way to approach the problem?

    He's got access to a windows or a mac machine...on mac he can use final cut and on windows he can use sony vegas, and I also might be willing to pay for another product if that's what's neccessary for him to be able to do what he's trying to do.

    Thanks for any pointers you can give me.

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    Thanks. Womble (or some other mpeg editor) sounds like the way to go. Is there any womble equivalent for mac?

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