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    Alright, I need to find a transition that fades from clip a to clip b, not clip a to black and then clicp b starts. Also do i need a seperate program to create titles or is there a way I can do it in premiere? (premiere 6.5)

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    adding transitions

    -type shift f11 to go to a/b editing mode (effects workspace)
    -put 1st clip on vid a , 2nd clip on vid b. ensure that they overlap each other, then put the transition that you want in between a and b.

    the one that u're looking for sounds like the cross disolve transition found in the disolve folder in the transitions menu.

    btw, the other disolves might be worth a try too.


    press F9 to create a new title either on a blank screen or on the vid.
    by having titles on visable on top of ya vid, you must put the vid on the vid track 1 and title on vid 2.
    click on ya title, right click, video options, transparency, "key type" select alpha channel.

    good luck

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    ok keeping things simple here.

    just make sure your a/b editing.
    make sure trans is in middle of both clips.
    clip 1

    clip 2

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    Full respect to the poeple who answered the questions in this thread but surely the whole thread is a blartanat RTFM isn't it?

    How do I add a transition? and Can i do titling in Premiere 6.5? could have both been answered by simply opening any documentation and/or looking at the menu at the top of the screen.

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