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    I would like to know what effects the picture quality of a video when uploaded to a site(not the quality from the camera). I've noticed that when a video is uploaded to different sites they have different image quality. Such as seeing a video on a .com compared to a site like youtube. Also i've seen that almost all movie trailers are played in quicktime and they look really nice and was wondering if this had to do with format or not. Is video quality based on format/webspace/both?

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    Videos are encoded before being uploaded to a server and Encoding is the process of converting the video into data and compressing where necessary. Quality depends on the bitrate used and the compression technique used by the codec. The bitrate is the amount of data processed per second and therefore the higher the bitrate the greater the quality and the bigger the file size. The codec is what's used to compress and decompress the video.

    For converting clips to play on the web, most of use use WMV at low bitrates say 600kbps. This is then uploaded to a server. Movie trailers are typically encoded using expensive software.

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    Hi Marc

    What kind of expensive software do movie makers use for web video?

    I would love to have better quality web clips.


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    I know that Lucas film used a program called "cleaner" (by Discreet software) for the starwars clips and they used the "sorenson" (i think that's how it is spelled) codec, which allows the clips to be shown using quicktime windows player.

    Find it here.
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