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    im not exactly sure what it's called but the effect is covering a logo or say a face of someone who did not give you permission to film them, it prvents anyone from seeing it clearly. how do you do that in adobe premiere?

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    Number 7 of the FAQ should help you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgarthp

    Number 7 of the FAQ should help you out.
    Thank you very much for such a fast reply, this helps a little I just wanted something just for adobe premiere, I have version 1.5 thanks again!

    at least i know its called "censor video"

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    You can follow that generic example in Premiere, I just followed it in Premiere Elements 2.0, as I thought that would be more similar to Prem' Pro 1.5 than the 6.0 version I usually use.

    1: Premiere allows more than 1 video track.

    2: file > export > frame

    3: open the frame in an image editing app' like photoshop or even MS Paint for this stage.

    4: double click in the relevant bin > select your edited frame > drag onto video layer above the one you want to censor on the timeline

    5: video effects > keying > chroma key (select black as the colour)

    6: drag edges of the imprted image clip to cover relevant area of the timeline

    7: video effects > stylize > mosaic (fiddle with settings until happy)

    8: in clip properties box expand motion > click on the little stop-watch icon to activate key-frames, adjust values along the timeline so the censored layer remains over the right area.

    Obviously you could change this, I did it quickly following that generic guide, you could use a blur effect and a luma matte instead, or you could search your help for Track Matte and do it like that instead.
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