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    On my movies the one thing that I really need is good sound effects. I just made a short clip where a meteor hits the planet, where could I get good sound effects for this, also light saber sound effects and other explosions. Does anyone know a site or program for this? Thanks.

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    Have you ever tried making your own? I think you would get a lot more satisfaction out of creating your own regardless of how good or bad they sound. If you have the time and inclination, I would plug a microphone into the sound card and even if you only have sound recorder, start banging, rubbing, twisting, hitting even breaking objects and record the sound made from them and see what they sound like. You might be quite suprised at what sounds you can create on your own.

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    I use this site:

    Any sounds that are not quite right i edit myself.

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    I hate to be a technical pain in the rear.. no I don't.

    A meteor wouldn't have much sound until it hit the ground, and then it would only be a big mega-H bomb sort of boom. Meteors are moving much faster than the speed of sound, about 50 times faster. No hiss, no whoosh. Just flash, boom.

    I'd take a thunder clap, time stretch and down pitch it by a factor of four or so. If the speakers are good, that should come close to what it would sound like some miles distant. Of course the shock wave will travel through the ground about 50% faster than the airborn blast so having a lot of earthquake sort of buildings rattling and low rumbles before the air blast would be in order.
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    Well after 10 years of online searching, purchasing and also downloading free sound effects I now use 2 sites only purely because they are both legal and both reliable. - Download Free Sound Effects and...
    soundscalpel - Professional royalty free sound effects

    I always go to - Download Free Sound Effects first as they have a load of free sounds that are high fairly high quality (some of the latest sounds are really high quality) and are legal.

    Then if I can't find what I need there (and sometimes I can't because there is not so much on this site) I go to soundscalpel - Professional royalty free sound effects as these are cheap but really good...

    And if I get really stuck, I bought a PZM microphone for 40 brand new and stick that in an old minidisc recorder and do it myself... ok so never as good as what I can get online but when your desperate...

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    In the world of Hollywood the movement of the meteor would make a sound... they use things like lion roars and other low frequency sounds to great such movement sounds... Hollywoods all about making the most of our senses

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